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The sales of electronic cigarettes witnessed a boom in 2017. Judging by trends in the first two weeks of 2018, it appears that this figure will increase even more. Judging by this trend it seems as if people have finally realized the health-related dangers cigarette smoke causes, and the ability of the electronic cigarette to satisfy their nicotine addiction.

Nicotine causes addiction
Few smokers know that nicotine, and not cigarette fumes, lead to addiction to smoking. For their information, traditional cigarette smoke also contains tar together with hundreds of toxic chemical compounds, quite a few of which are carcinogenic. While the carcinogenic compounds are the primary cause of cancer in smokers, the other chemical compounds cause respiratory related diseases in the windpipe and the lungs. These fumes also affect the health of the family members of the smoker, as the tiny particulates of toxic chemical compounds, floating in the air, enter their lungs when they breathe in air. Nicotine, the agent that leads to cigarette addiction, does not pose any health-related dangers.

No dangers in e-cig fumes
Vaping electronic cigarettes provide satisfaction to the user as its vapors contain a mixture of water, flavors, and nicotine. The nicotine addresses the addiction of the user. As the vapors do not contain any dangerous chemicals, they pose no health problems to other individuals in the area including the loved ones of the individual vaping the e-cig.

Dangers of cheap e-cigs
One should be extremely cautious while purchasing e-cigs from online stores, particularly those who plan to transfer their loyalty for the first time. Many online shops sell e-cigs, imported from third world countries at incredibly cheap prices. The assemblers do not apply quality control tests to these, resulting in faulty e-cigs that explode during the charging process or when the user is puffing it. This poses a deadly threat to them, especially if the gadget explodes while they are dragging on it.

The conclusion
One should always purchase electronic cigarettes manufactured by reputed local brands. Apart from being safe to use, they offer complete satisfaction to the user. They are costlier than the imported stuff, but the purchaser can offset the additional price with the help of e-cig coupon codes. The user should also check forums dedicated to e-cigs, and read the vaping reviews 2018 on them. This allows them to find a model that meets their needs as well as their budget. E-cigs apart, sites containing vaping reviews 2018 also provide in-depth details of accessories and the different flavors of e-juices available.

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