Review Of The Nectar Sleep Mattress

There are several layers of memory foam incorporated into Nectar mattresses; this includes one inch that has been quilted into its cover. It is intended to provide sleepers with a genuine memory foam experience. With this type of construction, it is possible for the bed to place emphasis on pressure relief, which simulates the feeling of sinking down into the folds of the mattress. Individuals who sleep on their sides are especially appreciative of this feature.


The tremendously soft mattress cover is constructed from a tencel-cotton blend material. Tencel is renowned for its capacity to be breathable and it is basically an environmentally-friendly textile produced from trees. The cover also has a 1-inch coating of gel memory quilted into it. This aids in contouring the body and alleviating pressure. Furthermore, the gel memory foam does an amazing job of staying cool to safeguard against the surface of the mattress becoming too hot during sleep. Combining tencel fabric with the gel memory creates a soft and comfortable layer that remarkably preserves a comfortable temperature.

Layers in the Middle

Just below the cover are 2 layers of memory foam that form what is known as the comfort level. After the inch of gel memory foam sewn into the cover has been conquered, there is a three-inch thick memory foam layer. It is designed to very slowly respond to pressure and assists with weight distribution and alleviation of pressure. Apart from the gel memory foam layer, this coating helps with body contouring that will be highly beneficial to the sleeper.

Additional memory foam forms the other layer of the mattress. This layer is intended to act as a coating to effortlessly transition from the plush upper layers to the bottom layer of the mattress. While this is a type of memory foam as well, it provides a faster response to pressure. In addition, it is a bit springier than the layers directly on top. It provides pressure relief as well; however, the added bounce ensures sleepers do not get stuck.

Layer at the Bottom

The bottom of the mattress is made with thick poly foam, which supplies support for the layers intended for comfort and creates a remarkable the base for the mattress. It assists in keeping the shape and preventing sleepers from falling through the bed.

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