Is The Nolah Mattress A Quality Product?

Nolah has years of experience in the mattress industry and they design some of the best mattresses in the world. The company provides consumers with deluxe high-tech cooling mattresses that offer more superior durability and pressure relief when compared to traditional Memory Foam and Latex.

The unique features of this mattress will intrigue a number of mattress shoppers. It is remarkable for individuals who are seeking a softer, cooler mattress. It offers amazing value and has quite a cool feel to it that many people like.

The Nolah mattress is temperature neutral, provides bouncy support and cooling comfort that have earned the company a plethora of positive reviews. Additionally, the company has pledged to donate 7 percent of their profits towards safeguarding the earth and its wildlife. For each mattress they sell, an endangered wildlife that is native to North America is adopted by the company.

Its 10-inch memory foam addresses common problems such as slow responsiveness and excessive heat. Quality sleep is vital to overall health and as such, Nolah has designed their mattresses in an exclusive way to boost sleep quality to improve health.

This next-generation foam mattress is far superior to traditional memory foam on a number of different levels. The award-winning mattress manufacturer has used the expertise of their staff and their wide-ranging experience in mattress material science to formulate the most advanced technology in foam mattress currently available.

One of the most notable features of these mattresses is the fact that Nolah’s AirFoam is produced minus the heat-trapping Viscoelastic chemicals that are typically associated with memory foam. As such, Nolah mattresses are 100 percent temperature neutral and will not trap excessive body heat, which is a huge issue with memory foam. Additionally, Nolah mattresses are made with Visco chemicals and are considerably more hard-wearing than even the highest-quality memory foams.

The mattress has proprietary foam construction that uses billions of minute air capsules inside of the foam. This has proven to provide four times less peak pressure on your hip and back, which results in better comfort and sleep quality. The unique technology used in the mattresses offers a large number of air pockets that promote air circulation all through the layers of the mattress. It cradles the body and simultaneously provides definite support as well.

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